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The Indianapolis Men’s Clinic is the premier men’s healthcare providers in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. We are able to help you get past any sexual dysfunction issues you might be struggling with, and help you keep them gone. We offer more treatment options than anyone and have a 97% treatment success rate. Call our office today at 317.999.9000 to schedule your visit.

Indianapolis Men’s Clinic Story

Since 2016, our team has been helping guys just like you successfully move past the sexual dysfunction that has hampered their love lives. Take a second, and see what we can do to help you the same way.

Our Office

With a state of the art office, comfortable accommodations, and an All-Male staff, there is no better place for you to be as you seek answers to the issues you’re looking to overcome.

Why Choose Indianapolis Men’s Clinic?

There are many reasons why we should be your choice for men’s healthcare. Here we put a couple to make your decision a bit easier. Take a moment and look through what we are able to offer you that no one else in the city can.


We are nothing if not upfront about what we do here. We help guys get the spark back that they may have lost due to age, injury, or something else. Have questions? Our FAQ page offers answers to our most common ones.

Not only are we able to offer you more treatments than anyone in the area we also offer the promise of results. Call our office today at 317.999.9000 to schedule your appointment. Our online form is another easy way to schedule your visit to the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic.


Real Patients, Real Results

Excellent, professional people.I am a medical professional, and understand that each man is different and it takes time to get dosages right. They did just that for me. They are patient, kind and professional, could not ask for more.

Gary G.

I found the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic to be extremely professional!! Their initial exam was thorough and comprehensive! Your current health is taken into consideration when advising a client on the many options available! My experience has been positively successful!!! I do recommend a visit to IMC if you’re having symptoms of ED!

Paul R.

After taking e.d. medications for years, panic set in when they quick working. For a year I did nothing. Needless to say that did not make my wife of over 30 years very happy. The Mens Clinic was my last hope. Everyone has been very understanding, easy to talk to openly, and very helpful in working to find a solution. My wife and I are back on track and everyone is happy. Thank you Men’s Clinic for finding a solution for a difficult and embarrassing situation. If you are worried about prices – consider this. I was spending as much on e.d. medications( insurance covered 0). Also, I was afraid my wife was about to leave me if I did not find a solution. I don’t want to figure what that would have cost. To me it has been well worth all the costs. I signed up for every program they offered because I needed a solution. The Mens Clinic came through and they do have an answer.

Tim C.

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