How Healthy Can Sex Be For Aging Adults?

If you thought just because you’re older aging you shouldn’t be wanting or enjoying sex as often, you have fallen victim to a common misconception. Growing older aging does not mean an end or decrease to your sex life. In fact many studies have shown that some older adults maintain an active, satisfying sex life into their 80s. Sex is a part of emotional and physical health in all adults, but especially in older adults.

As you age keeping your sex life healthy can come with a multitude of benefits!

Fight Illness with Sex

-Prostate cancer is big concern for aging males. The risk of prostate cancer can be lowered with regular ejaculation. A study found that men who ejaculate 21 times a month compared to those who ejaculate less frequently developed less prostate cancer.
-Sexual stimulation and orgasm improve your brain function. During sex oxytocin (“the sex hormone”) is released. The boost in oxytocin helps you combat anxiety and decrease stress levels, which can help combat depression and insomnia.
-Decrease your blood pressure and stroke risks by conditioning the way your blood vessels respond to stress with the increased levels of oxytocin.

Symptom Relief

– Sex has been linked to releasing endorphins, which are natural painkillers for that arthritis!
-No more hearing, “I can’t I have a headache.” Headache specialists in Germany surveyed migraine suffers and found that 60% had a diminished headache after having sex during their headache.
-Postmenopausal women often suffer from genital dryness. The increase in blood flow to the vagina can help genital dryness, and improve lubrication and tissue elasticity.

Improved Quality of Life

-Strengthening your bond and increasing intimacy can lead to better communication between you and your partner.
-Sex makes you happier, and being happier helps you enjoy life more in general! Those having sex two to three times a week were 33 percent happier than their less sexually active peers.
-People with an active sex life tend to pay more attention to the way they look, so they often pay more attention to their diet and exercise. Look better, and feel better!

Don’t miss out on the benefits of having sex as you age. If you feel your sexual activity has diminished with age, do not dismiss it as normal. Talking to a doctor can help you discover the causes behind the decrease in sexual activity, whether it come from erectile dysfunction or low testosterone. Don’t sit around wondering any longer if less sex is part of getting old. Our team at the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic can help you to enjoy sex again even if you are suffering from premature ejaculation , low testosterone , erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease . Don’t think that because you are aging and suffering from these sexual disorders that you can’t enjoy sex again, you certainly can!

Call the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic for a private, confidential consultation today. Our all-male staff makes our clinic a comfortable place for you to consult with doctors on ways to improve your sex life, so you can reap the benefits of sex as you age! For more information or to schedule an appointment we invite you to call our office at (317) 999-9000, or schedule an appointment online.