Men’s Health Clinic Near Indianapolis, IN offers New Treatment Option. Indianapolis Men’s Clinic offers the best care for men’s health.

CARMEL, Ind. – May 12, 2017 – PRLog — The Indianapolis Men’s Clinic near Indianapolis, Indiana announces their revolutionary treatment for Peyronie’s Disease. This FDA approved treatment solves a variety of issues including curvature, lumps, and size reduction issues as related to the male anatomy for reproduction.

Peyronie’s Disease is caused by scar tissue accumulating inside the penile shaft. This buildup of scar tissue can cause plaque to develop that eventually changes the shape of the entire penile shaft. The shaft can become bent, curved or reduce in length. Other areas of concern are injury from playing sports as well as accidents during intercourse. Research suggests these types of accidents can be the on-set for Peyronie’s Disease. Any type of injury where this particular portion of the male anatomy is hit or bent can cause bleeding inside, typically the man is not aware of internal bleeding in this area. The plaque buildup can start after trauma occurs to the penile area. Other research claims that genetics play a part in Peyronie’s Disease and may be linked to a particular genetic make-up.

Peyronie’s Disease typically occurs in middle-aged men and becomes more common as a man ages, although younger and much older males can also suffer from this disease. The symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease can appear immediately or gradually over time. In severe cases the buildup of plaque can prevent the penile shaft from ever being soft. The hardening of the plaque hampers flexibility and forces bending and arching. This can cause constant pain. Peyronie’s Disease can also cause men to develop scar tissue in other areas of the body including on their hands and feet.

Many men throughout the United States suffer from this disorder. Most men can still have intercourse, however, for some it can be quite difficult and often very painful. The Indianapolis Men’s Clinic offers the Priapus Therapy, a revolutionary treatment that has a US Patent and is trademarked. The Priapus Therapy uses a platelet-rich plasma involving blood derived growth factors to rejuvenate the male anatomy. This type of therapy treatment will help to straighten the penile shaft, increase circulation, strengthen surrounding tissue within the shaft and allows for possible growth in size of up to 20%. Patients using other treatments may also see these drugs work better after a Priapus Therapy treatment. Patients have reported minimal to no pain and effects from the Priapus Therapy can last up to eighteen months and for some the results are permanent. The physicians at the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic have performed over 300 PRP procedures with a 95% success rate.

The Indianapolis Men’s Clinic offers a state of the art medical practice near Indianapolis, Indiana catering to men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease, low testosterone (low T), PE and ED. Patients will appreciate short and confidential appointments, televisions in the lobby area, men’s interest magazines throughout the office and an all-male staff. Patients from surrounding areas including Indianapolis, Bloomington, Lafayette, Muncie and Noblesville, Indiana flock to the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic for the best doctors to treat men’s health disorders in Indiana.

Industry experts say the Priapus Therapy is a safe way to rejuvenate the male anatomy. For many men, it can be frustrating to find a men’s health clinic that offers FDA approved solutions to treating disorders. It’s uncomfortable for many men to discuss their problems, let alone schedule an appointment to consult with a men’s health doctor. There are hundreds of men’s health supplements on the market designed to prevent disorders such as Peyronie’s Disease, low testosterone (Low T), PE and ED without consulting the advice of a medical doctor. Many doctors encourage men who are suffering from these types of disorders or who want more information about prevention, to consult with a physician prior to taking supplements and popping herbal remedies. There are health risks associated with taking certain prescription and non-prescription drugs that claim to treat these disorders.

The Indianapolis Men’s Clinic is located at 11590 Meridian Crossing, Suite 405 in Carmel, Indiana. Patients can schedule a confidential appointment by visiting online and making an appointment request at or by calling (317) 999-9000 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am – 5pm CST.

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