Help your partner by staying active in the bedroom!

Recently we wrote about how continuing to enjoy sex as you age came with many benefits to your physical and mental health. Occurrences such as, erectile dysfunction , low testosterone , premature ejaculation and peyronnie’s disease are all penile problems that can impede on sexual performance and satisfaction. We know that as you age some of these penile problems become more common, but they should not stop you from enjoying a fulfilling sex life well into your retirement years and beyond! For men the added bonus of staying sexually active is the risk of prostate cancer can go down! Where do your female partners fit into this concept of staying sexually active, as they begin to age? As it turns out, you should stay sexually active for not only your benefit, but hers as well!

Benefits of Sex for Aging Women:

• Minimize incontinence- Sex helps to strengthen the muscles in her pelvic floor, which are also the same muscles associated with incontinence.
• Healthier Skin- Sex releases the hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) that improves your complexion.
• Exercise- Sex burns between 75 and 150 calories per every half-hour.
• Heart health- Heart disease is the number-one killer of women. Sex raises the heart rate and blood flow. Researchers have found that having sex two or more times a week reduced the risk of fatal heart attack by half.
• Fight colds- Those who have sex once to twice per week show 30 percent higher immunoglobulin A levels.
• Prevent vaginal dryness- The increase in blood flow to the vagina can help genital dryness, and improve lubrication and tissue elasticity.
• Reduction in breast cancer- Studies show a reduction in breast cancer for women who have sex more than once per month.

Aside from the benefits listed, women also receive many of the same benefits as men, such as increase in mental clarity. Sex is a mood regulator, and stress reducer, which correlates with a better night sleep, reduced anxiety, and reduced depression.

For men it can be very stressful when unforeseen obstacles happen in the bedroom as you age.

It is important for you, and your partner, to not ignore these obstacles. The Indianapolis Men’s Clinic has been helping men throughout Lafayette, Muncie, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Noblesville, IN enjoy a lasting sex life. Aging does not mean surrendering to sexual dysfunction. The all-male staff at the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic will tailor your needs in the most comfortable and relaxing male setting. Our waiting area offers sports televisions and men’s interest magazines.

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