Why is it so important?

Testosterone is widely known as an important male hormone. It can be found in small amounts in women, but it is accepted knowledge that testosterone makes a man. Beginning before birth testosterone plays a role in male fetus development, telling an embryo to develop male sex organs. Testosterone is produced in the testes, and triggers puberty as a boy becomes a young man. Once maturity has been reached testosterone continues be an essential part of keeping a man’s body systems running properly.

The most common assumptions for why men need to maintain normal levels are to keep a manly voice and healthy sex drive. Synthetic testosterone is often used by athletes to increase muscle mass. No doubt it is responsible for those things, however, it deserves more recognition than that. Like all hormones, it plays a part in regulating multiple processes in a man’s body.

So what else does testosterone do?

Affects your mood.

Low testosterone levels have been linked to depression. Depression can lead to fogged mental clarity, and affect your day-to-day life and relationships. Keeping your testosterone levels within the normal range will help you stay happy and confident.

Improves cognitive function.

It’s been recognized by patients and physicians that men suffering from low T experience symptoms such as, memory loss, trouble concentrating, and brain fog. In a report by researchers at the University of Southern California, it was documented that increasing testosterone levels in mice with Alzheimer’s slowed down the progression of the disease. A 2010 study by the University of Hong Kong on men with mild cognitive impairment, that later developed Alzheimer’s, showed low testosterone levels.

Drives male behaviors.

Throughout human existence nature has driven aspects of male and female behavior. Testosterone is responsible for some of those dominant male behaviors we sometimes notice. The urge to compete…for money, for women, for power are all driven by testosterone. This hormone pushes men to take risks, win a mate, and provide for their families.

Affects your physical health.

While athletes may use this hormone to increase those massive muscles we see, even if you have no intention of becoming a body builder maintaining good muscle mass is still important. Keeping proper balances between muscle and body fat are essential to living a long, active life; decreasing your chances of developing other health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Testosterone plays a role in regulating your body’s insulin, glucose, and fat metabolism.

The Indianapolis Men’s Clinic focuses on men’s sexual health, as part of whole body health. We encourage men to recognize that while maintaining normal testosterone levels is necessary for strong, healthy erections, and libido, it plays other roles within the body, as well. If you are experiencing symptoms of low T such as; memory loss, depression, low energy levels, mood changes, muscle loss, weight increase, erectile dysfunction, or loss of libido consider getting your testosterone levels checked. Checking testosterone levels is quick and easy, and can be done right in our office. We offer a simple 3-step process to diagnosis and treat low T.

Indianapolis Men’s Clinics 3 step process for low T:

Step 1- A quick test
Step 2- A plan for you
Step 3- Follow ups

We have a knowledgeable medical staff, and the plan waiting for you at the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic. Do not let low testosterone affect your life any longer. The sooner you make the first move, the sooner we can help! Make an appointment with us online today, or by calling (317) 999-9000.