Emotional, Psychological Effects of Peyronie’s Disease

For many men, the thought of suffering from a sexual disorder can be quite stressful and even damaging to one’s self esteem. At the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic we meet with hundreds of men on a monthly basis to not only cure their disorder but to also improve their self-image. Sexual disorders in men is more common then you may think. Women more so then men can readily talk about sexual problems, where as men may fear it’s a sign of weakness if they cannot perform sexually. Typically, self-esteem and pride can get in the way of a man seeking medical help for such disorders as Peyronie’s Disease (curvature of the penis, or a bent dick as some may call it), low testosterone, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

When one suffers from Peyronie’s Disease they typically experience curvature of the penis, sometimes penile pain with or without an erection, changes in the penis size or shape as well as erectile dysfunction (ED). What is not often addressed is the emotional and/or psychological trauma that can happen to a man suffering from Peyronie’s Disease.

If you have a man in your life that may be suffering from Peyronie’s Disease and you are not aware of it you may see some of the following behaviors:

-Lack of interest in having sex
-Self doubt
-Lack of intimacy
-Relationship stress
-Increased need for privacy
-Low self esteem

If you find your man is displaying these behaviors it may be worth considering if he is suffering from Peyronie’s Disease. Education and support will be key to improvement. We encourage you to be very supportive and offer help in finding the best doctor for education and treatment of Peyronie’s Disease. Offer to go with your male companion to his appointment and if he is embarrassed then maybe offer to wait in the car. Offering words of encouragement and support can also help. Reminding him that Peyronie’s Disease is very common and treatable. Whichever doctor he chooses for treatment will educate him on the causes of Peyronie’s Disease and the different treatment options available.

You will find many options for treatment clinics if you live in or near Indianapolis. You may find yourself typing into your Google search “Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Center Near Me” or “Men’s Sexual Health Doctor Near Me to Treat Peyronie’s Disease” or even “Best Peyronie’s Disease Doctor Near Me.” We hope you or your male companion will choose the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic for your sexual disorder treatment center. We offer affordable FDA approved treatment pathways in our state of the art men’s sexual health clinic near Indianapolis, Indiana.

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