Absorption Under The Tongue

When being prescribed medication for an ailment you may be experiencing swallowing a pill or liquid form is the most common, and traditional route of administering. Sublingual medications are in the form of pills, tablets, or films and placed underneath the tongue where the medication is absorbed into the bloodstream through small capillaries or blood vessels.

What’s the difference?

There is no difference in the effective drug ingredient itself. The same effective ingredient is used in both sublingual and traditional oral medication forms. Following are the main differences:

Sublingual Medication

•Placed underneath the tongue
•Fast absorption directly into the bloodstream
•High potency
•Compounded to be formulated for each individual

Traditional Oral Medication

•Swallowed into the digestive tract
•Must be broken down through the digestion process
•Metabolize by liver
•Prescription doses are usually in set doses

The Indianapolis Men’s Clinic exclusively offers custom formulated sublingual medications for our patients. Sublingual medications are not new to the medical field, however, they are becoming more popular as the benefits to patients increase. We choose sublingual medications due to their ability to be formulated for each of our patient’s specific needs. Often we see patients who suffer from one or more male sexual dysfunction problems at the same time. The range of severity of each condition is also a factor we need to take into account. These details will vary with each of our patients, therefore the medication needs will vary also. Using sublingual medications allows us to recognize the different needs of each man and accommodate them each appropriately.

Why are we so successful?

The success rate of our clinic for custom men’s treatment is 97%. We believe this is largely due in part to our ability to offer individually formulated sublingual medications to patients. At the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic we recognize each body and sex life is different. Medications like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other mass market medications give men a false since of hope for restoring their sexual functions.

Truth behind the sexual health medications

The truth is, these medication will not work for 70% of men. A man’s sexual functioning engages the heart, brain, hormones, and vascular and nervous system, not only the penis’ ability to get hard. Custom-blended sublingual medicines allow us to compound medication to target the different needs throughout a man’s body to not only achieve and sustain an erection, but restore overall sexual health. Our clinic does not only want you to be able to have sex. We want you to enjoy all facets of your sex life, which is why our highly-esteemed physicians will take the time to listen to your specific concerns and discuss your medical history. We strive to get an understanding of your overall health to discover which sexual dysfunction problems are affecting you. We see patients suffering from low testosterone, Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. If you have or believe you are suffering from one of these sexual dysfunction problems, contact us at the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic today and let us help you get started on developing a treatment plan that is customized just for you! We are so confident in our ability to improve your sexual health that if you do not see results after your first visit, your visit is free. Let us see if our custom-blended sublingual medication can help you by scheduling your appointment online or by calling (317) 689-0252.