Yes! Testosterone replacement therapy is very safe and effective.

Some patients have asked “is hormone replacement therapy dangerous?” The answer is no, it is not dangerous.

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

Also known as hormone replacement therapy, this form of treating low testosterone is used to replace hormones like testosterone that occur naturally in the body. Testosterone is a natural hormone produced by both men and women, but it occurs at much higher levels in men. In men, testosterone is required to maintain sexual and physical health including maintaining these functions:

•Male sexual development
•Maintaining muscle mass
•Maintaining bone density
•Sex drive

Testosterone levels can drop below normal due to medical conditions, or other circumstances. Decreases in testosterone levels are commonly seen in men after the age of 30. Gradual decreases in a man’s testosterone level is a naturally occurring part of the aging process, but when levels significantly drop below normal other health problems may begin to occur.

For men experiencing unnaturally low testosterone levels, hormone therapy may be a good option.
Like most medical intervention, testosterone replacement therapy comes with some potential side effects. With all medical procedures, it is important to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks.


•Lower risk of cardiovascular problems
•Increased energy level
•Improved cognitive function
•Increased sex drive
•Reduced risk of serious health conditions


•Breast swelling or tenderness
•Increased risk of blood clotting and stroke
•Possible increased risk of prostate cancer

How Should I decide?

Deciding whether or not testosterone replacement therapy is right for you should be decided with the guidance of a professional medical provider who takes the time to learn about your medical history. In men experiencing a significant drop in testosterone, hormone replacement can help prevent other more serious health conditions like osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. The Indianapolis Men’s Clinic staff can help you determine if your testosterone levels are low, and if you are a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

If you are experiencing or suspect you are experiencing low T, our physicians can consult with you to determine if testosterone hormone replacement is the best approach for you. We treat patients living in Indianapolis, IN, Bloomington, IN, Muncie, IN, Lafayette, IN, Noblesville, IN, and surrounding areas. To schedule your confidential appointment please call (317) 689-0252 or schedule an appointment online.